What Are Some Underwater Welding Schools?


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Underwater welding schools include CDA Technical Institute, National University Polytechnic Institute and Divers Institute of Technology. Schools offering underwater welding programs may also offer additional associated training in related specialties or subspecialties such as maritime welding.

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CDA Technical Institute's commercial diving program covers the comprehensive skills required for commercial diving, including underwater welding. The program also provides a pathway to international commercial diving and underwater welding work. CDA also offers a maritime welding program that expands the graduate's potential employment opportunities.

Divers Institute of Technology also offers a career path to international work. In addition to the underwater welding program, the school offers specialized training in underwater construction. National University Polytechnic Institute hosts hands-on classes that develop strong commercial diving skills, including underwater welding. The Burning & Surface Welding class is an example of their course offerings.

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