What Are Some Uncommon Names for a Child?


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As of 2015, Grayson, Kellen, Ryker and Wyatt are uncommon names for a male child. Harper, Tatum, Perla and Kenzie are uncommon names for a female child. By looking at Social Security records, it is possible to find what baby names were common or uncommon in a given year.

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Some prospective parents seek out an uncommon baby name they consider pleasant-sounding and rare but not trendy. A good yet uncommon name can offer the right balance between a classic feel and a contemporary, undiscovered vibe.

In 2014, Huffington Post analyzed public records for 2013 to compile a list of rare and unusual baby names. Girls' names Bronwen and Fleur and boys' names Peregrine and Poet were some of the least common.

Parents often consider how many other children around the same age have the same name, according to baby-naming expert Pamela Redmond Satran. She says most parents who choose an uncommon name fall into one of three categories. Some parents alter the spelling of a common name to make it unique, such as "Lileigh" instead of "Lily." Others invent a previously unknown name, such as "Mekhai," and some parents use a surname, word or place as a first name, such as "Wrigley" or "Sparkle."

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