What Are Some Uncommon Names for Baby Boys?


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As of 2015, some uncommon names for baby boys include Anthem, Bender, Castle, Dior and Elvin, along with Hilton, Judge, Nashton, Piers and Tallon. Walden, Zealand, Zeppelin, Jhase and Basil are other uncommon names for baby boys.

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What Are Some Uncommon Names for Baby Boys?
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While some people believe that uncommon or unusual names may cause problems and encourage teasing, others believe there are many advantages to a unique name. People generally remember a person with a unique name more than a person with a common name. This could give a person with an uncommon name an advantage when it comes to jobs and promotions. Children with a unique name may also feel special because no one else shares their name.

Whether choosing a common or an uncommon name, parents should make sure the first name sounds good when said aloud with the last name. Parents should avoid rhyming names and pairing a first name that ends in a vowel with a last name that begins with a vowel. Although it may sound cute for a short time, avoiding puns like "Holly Wood" or "North West" is generally in the child's best interest. Parents must also consider potentially embarrassing nicknames and initials when naming their child. For instance, based on the child's initials, naming a child Finn Alexander Thompson may cause unwanted teasing.

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