What Are Some UK Colleges That Offer Architecture Courses?

The University of Kent, King’s College Cambridge and The Bartlett School of Architecture offer architecture courses in the United Kingdom, as of October 2015. The architecture courses offered at these schools can lead to a degree in architecture or in a related field, such as drafting or city planning.

The University of Kent has a web page dedicated to the Kent School of Architecture. The architecture courses available include building design, building construction, ancient and medieval architecture, and light and structure. These courses are taught at the University of Kent Canterbury campus. A prerequisite to admission is presenting a portfolio of creative art or design work to the staff that shows an applicant’s creative flair. Contact information for the University of Kent is on its website.

The King’s College Cambridge architecture courses, which King’s College calls tripos, are spread over three years and are focused on design instruction. First year course instruction includes critical examination of the student’s work by staff, together with course work and regular lectures about architecture. The second year courses are detailed, specialized lectures on areas of specific interest to students. The third year study is spent writing a dissertation in preparation for graduation. Contact information for King’s College Cambridge is on its website.

The Bartlett School of Architecture offers architecture courses related to the variety of architecture degrees offered, such as architectural history, architectural design, architectural computation and architectural history. Contact information for The Bartlett School of Architecture is available on its website.