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A typing test measures the words per minute of an individual, typically by measuring how quickly he can read and repeat words into a typing field. The WPM, or words per minute, is a number that represents how quickly someone is able to type at their fastest speed. This number is sometimes accompanied by characters per minute, or CPMn, which is the WPM of an individual multiplied by five. For instance, a WPM of 30 is 150 in CPMn.

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WPM is a measure used in certain occupations to determine how fit an employee is for the task, such as in jobs that require the quick input of information and other clerical duties at a keyboard. Because of this, jobs that require fast typing may require a prospective employee to do a typing test to prove his skills. These tests may be as short as a minute or span a longer time and include either very difficult vocabulary or a simplified range that is more likely to be used in the day-to-day work.

Many free typing tests exist out on the Internet, such as TypingTest.com and the one found on CareerStep.com. These tests are very simple compared to the tests that a company pays for but have decent accuracy at determining one's WPM.

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