What Typically Is Taught in Sixth Grade English?


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The Common Core standards for sixth grade English focus on reading comprehension and clear, concise writing. Argumentative writing is also a key component of sixth grade English. Students are taught how to write clear arguments supported by relevant evidence and reasoning.

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What Typically Is Taught in Sixth Grade English?
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Teachers focus on essay writing styles throughout sixth grade. Students learn how to write about topics, formulate coherent paragraphs, use transitional phrases and write concluding paragraphs. Revision is a learning component too.

Students learn how to read and interpret literature in the sixth grade. Students read poetry, drama, novels and short stories to advance literacy and comprehension skills. The introduction of various genres permits instructors to teach students how to compare and contrast the genres' features.

Literary devices such as theme, metaphor and figurative language are some of the many topics covered in sixth grade English. Students may focus on a particular chapter or book to learn about craft, style, setting and plot. An introduction to point-of-view occurs as students begin to understand the difference between author and narrator. Students learn how to analyze sentences and passages for tone and meaning within narrow and wide readings of the text.

Sixth graders also learn the conventions of standard English. Students learn about English grammar and usage applied to both writing and speaking.

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