What Is Typically Included on an Attendance Record Form?


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Attendance record forms typically include information about whether students were tardy or absent, and whether absences were excused. School attendance record forms also include information about the class, including the teacher's name and class period, if relevant.

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School attendance records typically list students' first and last names in a column on the left side of a page. This column may be numbered to allow teachers to quickly compare the number of attendees relative to the number of names on the list.

To the right of the column for students' names are columns for each class meeting period, often for each day of the week. Teachers indicate students' attendance in the cell or box for each class meeting.

School attendance records may include a legend defining what different notations in the cells mean. Examples include "T" for tardy, "UE" for unexcused absence, "E" for excused absence and "P" for present.

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