What Is Typically Found on Homework Sheets?


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The types of topics found on a homework sheet are typically in regards to a specific school subject taught at different grade levels, including math, history, geography, language arts or science, as noted by TLSBOOKS.com. In a main school subject, such as math, there are also homework sheets on different topics.

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In elementary grades, homework sheets in math can vary by grade. For example, children in first or second grade get assignments on the basic math operations of addition and subtraction. However, students in eighth grade may have worksheet assignments on topics such as the least common multiple, greatest common factor, exponents, radicals, scientific notation and algebra, as noted by MathWorksheets4Kids.com.

Similarly, depending on a student's specific grade level, he may get homework sheets in the subject of science in subtopics, such as physical, earth and life sciences. The different types of science worksheets can be on areas, such as plants, animals, weather and simple machines, as noted by Teach-nology.com.

In the subjects of social studies, language arts and history, students can expect to get worksheets on different topics according to grade levels. Students taking language arts in the first grade may require reading readiness worksheets on vocabulary, rhyming words and phonics, as noted by TLSBOOKS.com. In a fifth grade language arts class, students may need to do worksheets on subjects and predicates, pronouns, homographs and reading comprehension.

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