What Is Typically Found on an Average Educational Worksheet?


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A typical educational worksheet contains 10 to 25 questions that test a student's understanding of a topic, progressing from simple questions to more difficult questions. Worksheets generally have a blank at the top of the page for the student's name and the date of completion.

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Worksheets sometimes begin with a brief explanation of the topic covered in the worksheet. Next, there is a set of instructions explaining how to answer questions of the type on this worksheet. Then comes a series of 10 to 25 questions designed to test the student's understanding of a concept; this number is flexible and depends on the concept being tested. The initial questions are typically simple problems designed to accustom the student to answering questions in the format of the worksheet. The questions should then become more difficult to allow the student to practice solving problems.

The format of a worksheet depends on the age of the student and the subject material being covered. Generally, in worksheets for younger students, instructions are simple, text is large, and the answer blanks give ample space for large and messy handwriting. These worksheets might also include pictures. For older students, worksheets might conclude with a challenge problem that encourages students to apply the concepts they've practiced to a different, more difficult type of problem.

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