What Are Some Typical Uses for Cardboard Display Stands?


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Cardboard display stands are commonly used for science fair projects, as information boards to promote clubs, organizations or events and to promote products and services at trade or information fairs. The boards are readily available from arts and crafts, general merchandise and office supply stores, such as Michael's, Target and Office Depot, and come in a variety of colors.

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The standard tri-fold nature of cardboard display boards is ideal for presenting the information about a science fair project. The three faces of the board provide a natural break for the eye, enabling viewers to read the board intuitively, as they would a book, so that they read about the problem being investigated, the hypothesis, materials and methods, results and so on in a logical order. The protected space in front of the board created by the folds of the board is an ideal spot for displaying a relevant sample, prop or other item related to the project outlined on the board itself.

Display boards are also useful for posting announcements about club events, such as meeting dates and times, contact information for officers and/or members and for posting pictures of past events.

Patrons attending trade and information fairs can rely on seeing these display boards used to promote various companies and services. The boards' tall nature, usually about 36 inches high, helps their contents to stand out from other literature displayed on tables.

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