What Are Some Typical Superhero Names?


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Typical superhero names feature a strong descriptive word followed by the noun man/boy or woman/girl, such as Batman, Beast Boy, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Superhero alter-ego names traditionally use alliteration, such as Clark Kent and Peter Parker.

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What Are Some Typical Superhero Names?
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Classic superhero names created between 1940 and 1980 typically follow a few rules to give the impression of power, righteousness and other heroic qualities. Many superheroes follow the formula of having a color word followed by a noun. For example: Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Green Lantern and Blue Beetle. These are used to easily identify the hero.

Another common trope with superhero names is the use of titles followed by adjective, nouns and other action words. For example: Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Dr. Manhattan. These are commonly used to give the impression of superior knowledge or a sense of authority.

Other common superhero names use only one-word adjectives or nouns to describe the strength and fierceness of the superhero. For example: Blade, Gambit, Cyborg and Cyclops.

Finally, superhero names often use animals or traits of animals as their names to evoke a certain feeling associated with said animal. For example: Wolverine, Hawkeye, Robin and Spider Man.

These are not strict rules to follow, but merely guidelines to use to create memorable and descriptive superhero names. Many names, especially for newer heroes created after 1980, deviate from these rules. For example: Ben 10, Howard the Duck and John Constantine.

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