What Are the Typical Steps for Getting College Transcripts Online?


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Most colleges and universities allow current and prior students to obtain transcripts online by signing into the school's online portal, paying a small fee, and downloading an electronic version of the student's transcript. Other schools allow students to obtain a transcript via e-mail by calling the school's registrar office.

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The first step to obtaining a college transcript online is typically to log in to the school's online portal with the student's login ID and password. Once in the portal, the next step is to search for links regarding transcripts or the registrar's office. Finally, most schools will charge a small fee before releasing an electronic version of the transcript to the student's e-mail address. Schools typically deliver the transcript to the student's e-mail address immediately after receiving payment for the transcript.

Alternatively, one can obtain college transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse - Transcript Ordering Center website if the school is one of those listed on that site. Once on this website, one chooses his or her school from the list of schools and clicks Submit. Then, after inputting an e-mail address and paying a small fee, one is asked to consent to the online delivery of the transcript via an electronic signature.

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