What Are Typical School Supplies Required for 5th Graders?


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For most fifth graders, a basic school supplies list includes writing supplies such as number 2 pencils, a large eraser, markers, crayons, colored pencils, erasable whiteboard markers, ballpoint pens, either correcting pencils or red ink pens, a sheaf of three-ring notebook paper and a spiral notebook. Students also require organizational and storage-related items such as a large three-ring binder with dividers, half a dozen pocket folders, a small storage box, a pencil pouch and a large, durable backpack.

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Other specialty items are a protractor, compass and mathematical calculator. Computer related supplies include printer paper and ink cartridges for printing reports, essays and homework. Typical crafts-related needs are drawing and construction paper; watercolor paint supplies; Scotch tape, glue sticks and white glue in a small bottle; and basic tools like a stapler, ruler, and pair of scissors.

Some supplies lists also suggest donations to the school in the form of expensive, often-replaced items such as facial tissue, hand sanitizer, paper toweling and any other classroom luxuries. Many schools make a point of prohibiting certain items. Restricted supplies include any zipper-style or Trapper Keeper-brand binders; Sharpie-brand markers, gel pens and mechanical pencils; and any liquid correction fluid.

Some schools require the use of planners or agendas for fifth graders. These school-supplied items plan and track a student's activities, assignments and progress, monitoring a student's path. If misplaced, they may be replaced for a fee.

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