What Are the Typical Requirements for Enrollment to Private Schools?


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Enrollment to private schools typically requires a student application form, recommendations and transcripts that detail past academic performance. Because each school likely has slightly different requirements, applicants should contact the school's admission office directly for more specific details.

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Private school admission has become similar to college admission in its competitiveness, thus many private schools have developed similar admission practices, including the requirement of student essays, student interviews, tests and teacher recommendations. They also establish strict deadlines before which applicants must submit the complete application and require notice of acceptance after a certain period. Depending on the grade level, some private schools also require parent interviews.

Required essays are often part of the application form itself along with shorter questions about past academic studies and personal history that the applicant must answer. Although these essays often have very direct guidelines, they are opportunities for the applicant to not only reveal his writing skills but also to show creativity and innovation by choosing a good topic and writing a strong essay. Required tests may be particular tests given by the school to all applicants or standardized state tests that the applicant may have already taken, depending on the grade level. In states such as New York, middle and high school applicants to private school often undergo group assessment evaluations.

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