What Are Some Typical Questions on a Personality Test?


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Some common variants of questions on personality tests include: "Do you enjoy socialization?" "Do you enjoy new experiences?" and "Your decisions are based more on the feeling of a moment than on thorough planning."

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Personality tests attempt to define a person's personality through a series of questions which ask test taker's to rate how they respond to certain situations or whether they agree with a statement about themselves on a scale. Perhaps the most well-known personality test is the Myers-Briggs test, which is based on Carl Jung's research. The test attempts to sort individuals by four different categories through a series of questions.

Other personality tests use slightly different methodologies and classification systems, but follow the same general logic. Questions are divided into several rough categories. These include: interactions with people ("I am the life of the party"), creative versus disciplined thinking ("When solving a problem you would rather follow a familiar approach than seek a new one"), openness to new experiences ("You are more inclined to experiment than to follow familiar approaches") and empathy ("You are strongly touched by stories about other people's troubles"). Test takers rate each question on a scale ranging from absolute agreement or disagreement to slight agreement or disagreement to neutral.

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