What Are Some Typical Life Skills Activities?


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Life skills activities include role-play, discussions and games that cover everything from daily tasks such as getting dressed to routine chores such as doing laundry to complex emotional situations such as the death of a loved one. Life skills activities involve real-life scenarios, explore common emotions, or teach appropriate behavior, and complement skills learned in the classroom.

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Many life skills activities involve simulating basic daily tasks so that students become accustomed to the social and cognitive demands of everyday life. For example, students may be given a blank paper plate and asked to draw foods on the plate that constitute a healthy, well-balanced dinner. The life skills teacher or coach may then explain the features of a healthy meal and have the students critique their own choices, then repeat the exercise. This activity helps teach basic nutritional information as well as practice the critical skills of self-reflection, independent decision making and adaptation to new information.

Other activities involve having students act out various social scenarios that center around interpersonal life skills such as empathy, self-control, sharing and politeness, among others. Students read a scripted scenario out loud, and then act out how they think the scenario ends, allowing them to experience and understand the emotions involved. The goal is to help students recognize these kinds of situations in real life and recall which responses had positive and negative emotional outcomes for themselves and others.

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