What Are Some Typical Kindergarten Report Card Comments?


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Typical positive report card comments include "cooperates well with others" and "always follows directions." Typical negative comments include "has a hard time concentrating" and "has difficulty following directions." In general, kindergarten report card comments focus on students' social skills, behavior and academic skills.

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Many schools have benchmarks describing what kindergarten students should learn. Report card comments describe students' progress in reaching these benchmarks. Behavior-related benchmarks for kindergarten include the ability to obey instructions and rules, to be quiet while walking in a line and to focus on a lesson for at least 20 minutes. A positive comment addressing these behaviors is "student remains silent in line," while a negative comment is "student has difficulty following rules during lunch."

Other benchmarks address social skills, such as the willingness to take turns during games and to share toys or crayons with other students. A positive comment addressing social skills is "enjoys working with others." A negative comment is "struggles to make friends."

Kindergarten benchmarks also address academic skills, particularly reading and writing. Kindergarten students should be able to name colors and shapes, to count to 100 and to spell their own names. They should also have fine motor skills and should be able to hold a pencil correctly and cut a piece of paper along a straight line. A positive comment about academic skills is "enjoys reading books during quiet time." A negative comment is "struggles to write letters correctly."

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