What Are Some Typical German Names and Their Meanings?


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Maximilian, Lucas, Fabian, Alexander, Ben, Luis, Paul, Jonas, Marco and David rank as some of the typical German names for boys. Emma, Sofia, Leonie, Anna, Lena, Emily and Luisa top the list as some of the most common German names for girls.

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Many German names have religious or historical origins and backgrounds. Maximilian and Fabian were the names of a couple of early-century Christian martyrs. The name Maximilian made its way among royalty when Emperor Fredrick III bestowed it on his son. Lucas, the Latin form of Luke, has long been popular in Germany because of St. Luke, the author of one of the four Gospels. Alexander is a popular and lofty name that has been proudly carried by men of noble blood and regal bearing throughout history, including a multitude of kings, conquerors and emperors.

Luisa is the feminine form of Louis and was also a name given to women of royal blood in the past. Leonie is the feminine version of Leo, a name given to many past kings, as well as St. Leo the Great, a 5th century pope. The name Emily rose to popularity with the arrival of Princess Ameila Sophia in Germany when the name was shortened to Emily.

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