What Are Some Typical Brain Balance Complaints?

What Are Some Typical Brain Balance Complaints?

Doctors claim that brain balance is based on speculation. There are no peer-reviewed studies linking brain disorders with an imbalance between the two spheres of the brain. Additionally, brain balance centers rely on anecdotes rather than scientific proof when advertising their treatments.

Brain balance proponents believe that disorders like autism, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stem from a developmental imbalance of the brain spheres. However, no research has ever pointed to such a conclusion.

Claiming all these brain disorders to result from disconnection disagrees with the researched knowledge about the brain. The known complexity of the brain's function rules out the possibility of disconnection. At its best, the idea of disconnection can only be a reasonable hypothesis.

Brain balance programs aim to restore functional connectivity between the two spheres of the brain. Physicians take patients through exercise, diet allocation, sensory stimulation programs and cognitive skills during brain balance sessions. These centers are based on franchises. This notion bypasses the process of research, peer review and clinical studies.

Brain balance centers attract many people through advertisements making bold claims offering exactly what desperate parents want to hear. While brain balance has had positive results for some patients, there should be proper documentation on how it works.