What Types of Things Do They Do at the Boston University Medical Center?

What Types of Things Do They Do at the Boston University Medical Center?

The Boston University Medical Center provides accessible health care to everyone. It also offers a number of outreach programs, including smoking cessation and health screenings.

The primary care physicians at Boston Medical Center provide urgent care or preventative medicine to keep community members healthy. They also provide diagnosis and treatment when community members are ill. The Boston University Medical Center trains healthcare professionals. It operates many residency training programs, and it also conducts both basic and laboratory-based research.

The Boston University Medical Center founded The Violence Intervention Advocacy Program in 2006 to deliver various services to victims of violence. Victims of violence can receive individual counseling and injury recovery services. They can also receive referrals to services including legal assistance, mental health and housing.

The organization sends specialists to patients’ homes to make sure that patients and their families are properly following care instructions. Specialists also identify issues that might lead to medical conditions.

Furthermore, the Boston Medical Center offers cancer prevention and education seminars, along with services such as cholesterol tests, eye exams, osteoporosis screenings and flu shots. In 1997, the Boston Medical Center established a health plan that also offers members additional benefits, such as discounts on weight loss programs and gym memberships.

The organization offers a comprehensive interpreter services program, which provides person-to-person interpreters on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility supports more than 22 languages and uses updated technology to deliver interpretation services.