What Types of Textbooks Does McGraw-Hill Publish?


McGraw-Hill publishes textbooks for preK-12, college and professional students in topics ranging from elementary mathematics to world languages to Six Sigma. The main McGraw-Hill website has links to individual websites where textbooks for the education categories listed above can be found.

The preK-12 section has a elementary section and a secondary school section. The elementary component has textbooks in the usual elementary subjects of math, science, social studies, phonics and reading. Sample textbooks include the Pizzazz Math series, which teaches problem-solving skills to students through puzzles and games. The secondary school component has textbooks on business, accounting and healthcare alongside the core high school subjects of algebra, biology and chemistry.

McGraw-Hill's higher education website (likewise accessible from the main site) has SmartBook online access for "Economics," Connect Online access for "The Art of Public Speaking" and SmartBook online access for "A&P: Integrative Approach" among its products. Some of these books are also available in print.

Categories for McGraw-Hill's professional section include education, business, computing and engineering titles. As of mid-2015, sample titles are Michael George's "The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to Nearly 100 Tools for Improving Quality and Speed," Jeffrey Liker's "The Toyota Way" and "Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide."