What Types of Study Materials Are Provided When You Take Online ASL Classes?


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Most online ASL courses provide study materials including textbooks, quizzes, practice cards, printable worksheets and prerecorded online videos. Others offer online fingerspelling practice exercises. Paid courses often provide online study groups and streaming video practice sessions.

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What Types of Study Materials Are Provided When You Take Online ASL Classes?
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Online ASL courses for credit usually provide organized discussions and interactive study materials for students. Most courses use an online system that stores worksheets, printable sign charts and practice tests. Students can use discussion groups to ask questions and practice with other students. High-tech courses use streaming video for interactive study and instruction. Most for-credit courses also provide practice tests modeled after actual exams.

Free online ASL courses offer similar study materials but make the content open to the public. The Lifeprint ASL course provides online quizzes with custom speed settings to help students recognize different hand signs. It also includes printable practice cards and vocabulary lists for each lesson. Online courses often provide practice sheets for common phrases and sayings.

Because ASL is a visual language, online courses usually include video content. Signing Online features prerecorded videos to help study facial cues and small movements during a sign-language conversation. Each video is accompanied by a text explanation. Students can also access videos that depict the ASL translation for different sentences.

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