What Types of Resources Does TenMarks Offer?

What Types of Resources Does TenMarks Offer?

TenMarks provides educational resources for math students and teachers in grades one to 12, as of 2015. The program uses technology to make math engaging for the student while enabling the teacher to comply with Common Core standards. The content is divided into standards, or lessons, that include learning objectives, rigorous concept development, mathematical practices, content progression and varying levels of depth of knowledge. Common student misconceptions are also discussed, so students know why they are incorrect.

Each standard is displayed in a tree-like diagram, with essential skills displayed as the roots upon which a new concept's foundation is built. The program also makes frequent use of visual aids and scaffolded questions, as these tend to interest and inspire the student more than a lecture. Each standard is prepared by a licensed educator and requires at least 75 hours to create.

TenMarks also offers a series of professional development resources for math teachers that assist in integrating TenMarks materials into the curriculum. These include webinars, courses, hands-on activities and other resources. Blended programs are also available.

TenMarks is available in both a free version and a paid version called premium. The free package includes up to three standards for each of four grade levels. The premium package offers an unlimited number of standards for all of the grades one to 12. The paid package also includes advanced assignments for talented children, remediation suggestions for slower learners, grade-level assessments, personalized assignments and an administrator's dashboard.

TenMarks is an Amazon company and has won numerous awards for its approach.