What Types of Reading Strategies Does Reading Street Teach Fifth Graders?


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Reading Street relies on close reading of a wide variety of literature. Pearson School states that the program is focused on the Common Core State Standards and provides educators with a variety of options for each lesson.

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The Common Core employs the use of informal texts in a range of subjects from history and science. The readings include illustrations, and the texts at fifth grade are hard cover. The readers include visual handbooks that highlight key areas and strategies used.

Teacher resources are provided on a DVD. A typical fifth-grade lesson includes an introductory discussion on a theme. Brief discussion points are provided to help guide discussion. Skills and strategies are then taught based around the reading selection. These include reading comprehension, phonics, spelling, grammar and comprehension. Many of the readings also include sidebar questions to help learners focus on story elements or critical thinking skills. Next, the reading selection is followed by critical thinking questions and an author's biography. Finally, a composition component is offered with composition instruction and writing prompts. A grammar sidebar is offered at the end of the wiring lesson.

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