What Types of Reading Games Are Appropriate for Kindergarten?


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Reading games that focus on helping kids identify sounds and rhyming words, increase their vocabularies, recognize words by sight and compare and contrast what they're reading are all appropriate for kindergarteners. Games focusing on these skills are available to play online on the SmartTutor and Education.com websites. Teachers and parents can also create their own offline activities.

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What Types of Reading Games Are Appropriate for Kindergarten?
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Games focusing on phonics require children to identify the sounds of letters that are being spoken, such as short and long vowels or consonants, either by a computer game or a person, while phonemic awareness games require children to point out spoken words that have sounds that rhyme within them. Vocabulary games often require children to name everyday things they see, determine the opposites of words or identify the colors of objects. Games focusing on sight words require children to pick the word on screen that they have hard spoken. Bingo and memory match games can be used to teach this skill. Reading comprehension games require the ability to read short passages and then discuss what was read.

In addition to using games to teach kindergarteners to read, parents and educators can have students trace letters, say tongue twisters, practice writing, read books to children and use puppets to teach skills and engage children.

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