What Types of Questions Are on the Nursing Entrance Test?

The questions on the Nursing Entrance Test include reading comprehension, a spelling test, various subjects in the natural sciences, vocabulary and math. The natural sciences section covers chemistry, biology, physics and health, among other topics. The math section focuses on math skills necessary to master in a nursing setting, including fractions, ratios and proportions, decimals and conversions. These skills are needed in health sciences to calculate doses of drugs for a patient.

The Nursing Entrance Test is an important step in a nursing student's career, as it is designed to test a student's potential performance in nursing school and partially determines whether a student will be offered a position in the program. Before taking the test, work through a study guide, take practice assessments to determine potential areas of weakness, and review textbooks in that area. Many schools have a campus learning center with tutors available to help work through a student's areas of weakness. There are also pre-nursing admissions test workshops to guide students through the application process.

Online practice tests are available at TestPrepReview.com. This website offers free self-assessment modules covering a huge variety of topics tested by the Nursing Entrance Test, including basic, intermediate and advanced grammar, along with math, reading comprehension and vocabulary.