What Are the Types of Questions Asked on a Nursing Test?


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Sample questions for a nursing test typically describe a medical situation and require the student to provide the appropriate response in that situation. The medical-surgery nursing certification board offers practice tests online.

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What Are the Types of Questions Asked on a Nursing Test?
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A typical question on the test provides a student with several pieces of information concerning the patient. This information includes the patient's age as well as his medical history, which can include previous surgical procedures he has undergone. The test then introduces the circumstances in which the patient is presented. As an example, the patient can be presented for surgery. The student is then told the types of incision to be made, the types of tubes connected to the patient, and the type of catheter attached. The question itself asks the student what further action should be taken on the patient. Such actions can include whether the student should wrap his extremities or reposition his legs. These actions depend on what medical situation the patient is facing.

Due to the range of circumstances a nurse can find himself in, it is necessary to also test for practical knowledge. Such questions can be found on the Practical Nursing website. Other forms of questions may include what type of team members work closely under particular medical circumstances, how certain diseases arise, and how to ease a patient's anxiety. The range of questions cover everything from medical responses to practical responses to a patient's mental state.

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