What Are Some Types of Places That Offer Drone Pilot Training Courses?

What Are Some Types of Places That Offer Drone Pilot Training Courses?

While many professional drone pilots get their training in the military, there are some unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, colleges throughout the United States. Some states that have schools with these programs include Alabama, Arizona and California.

Troy College in Alabama offers a minor in unmanned aerial systems, as part of a major in resource and technology management – aviation operations.

Cochise College of Aviation in Douglas, Arizona, offers three associate degrees in the UAV field. One is for students with no previous experience, while the other two are for professionals looking to upgrade their skills. The Unmanned Vehicle University in Phoenix also offers a pilot training certificate, a professional certificate in project management and a master's in unmanned systems engineering.

Drone Universities of California has course locations in La Jolla, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo. It also holds courses in other states such as Colorado, Nevada, New York and Oregon.

Unmanned Experts of Denver has a variety of courses for UAV professionals. These courses are relatively short in length and do not offer a degree.

Nineteen other states have some form of professional drone pilot training. States with bachelor's and master's programs include Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana and North Dakota.