What Types of Online Courses Does Tarrant County College Offer?

Because Tarrant County College offers business administration, office technology and accounting programs of study, some different online courses available for these programs are required classes in English composition, math, science, creative arts or philosophy. Additionally, students must take specialization classes to satisfy requirements for a specific program. For example, students seeking an Associate of Applied Science in business may take online classes such as macroeconomics principles and principles of marketing, notes TCCD.edu.

As of 2015, Tarrant County College also offers online classes for certificate programs in the areas of accounting, business administration and office technology. Depending on the specific program that a student chooses, a variety of general education, electives and specialization courses are required for these different programs.

For the AAS in accounting, some of the online classes can include a math or science class, such as plane trigonometry, pre-calculus math, introductory chemistry II or physics. Taking one of these classes can satisfy the math/science requirements. Some other online classes offered for this degree program are business law and business ethics classes, a capstone course and electives in different accounting/business courses.

To obtain a certificate in accounting information management, some courses include principles of financial accounting, a capstone course, computerized accounts applications and completing a general education class in areas such as English composition, business correspondence or public speaking.

This school is a community college located in Fort Worth, Texas. Besides the associate programs offered in business and accounting, Tarrant County College offers an Associate of Art in teaching and Associate of Art and Associate of Science degrees in other fields of study.