What Types of Online Courses Are Available at BRCC?

What Types of Online Courses Are Available at BRCC?

Blue Ridge Community College offers online courses for certifications in a variety of disciplines, such as business, health, technology, industry and personal enrichment. Most online courses through BRCC are non-credit continuing education classes that provide preparation and training for licensure testing and certification.

Some courses are simply for self improvement, such as the personal enrichment courses. Classes under the personal enrichment heading include yoga, how to assist aging parents, an introduction to natural health and starting an edible garden.

Automotive, welding, machining, manufacturing and blacksmithing are some of the preparation and training classes for certification and licensure testing. The material addressed in certification programs typically encompasses several classes rolled into one, with two to six days of classes and several labs spread over a few weeks.

Other preparation courses consist of several individual classes, such as the skills enhancement classes for veterinary assistants. These courses supplement the main coursework for an associate degree or a bachelor's degree in veterinary technology and include canine reproduction, a practical skills refresher and an intro to transitioning into a career as a veterinary technician.

Online courses range in price from approximately $99 to $500 and can be purchased online with most major credit cards, as of 2015.