What Types of Montessori Certification Courses Are Available Online?

Several types of Montessori certification courses are available online, including programs that are completed entirely online, diplomas that require both online and offline studies, and certifications earned through correspondence. The format and content of each course depends upon the organization that offers it and the goals of the student.

The united Montessori Association has on online teacher certification program with a comprehensive and interactive curriculum. The program takes most students nine to 12 months to complete and covers topics such as classroom setup, behavior and adult-child relationships, early childhood development and parental involvement in the classroom. Class materials include video lessons, online manuals, class conferences and quizzes, as well as a final exam.

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies takes a blended approach to online teacher training. The organization offers three age-specific programs that each take about 18 months to complete. In addition to online courses on topics such as classroom leadership, material making, practical life and cosmic education, the program integrates hands-on residency sessions and internships for full Montessori certification. This program is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.

Like the United Montessori Association, the North American Montessori Center is an independent, internationally-recognized organization for teacher certification and training. The center offers four diploma programs, including ones for infants and toddlers, early childhood, lower elementary, and upper elementary. Students receive textbooks and all course materials through the mail and use the same method of correspondence to submit completed coursework and assignments.