What Types of Math Are Appropriate for Third Grade?


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Third grade covers many important math concepts, including adding and subtracting numbers with more than two digits, multiplying and dividing numbers and working with fractions. Geometry lessons begin with calculating the perimeters of shapes.

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What Types of Math Are Appropriate for Third Grade?
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In third grade, students extend the addition and subtraction skills they learned in second grade to understand place values of three- and four-digit numbers. By the end of the year, most students can add and subtract these numbers using carrying and grouping techniques. Other addition and subtraction goals include mental calculations with numbers up to 20 and working with money up to $10.00.

Basic multiplication and division are introduced in the third grade. Students should be able to multiply and divide one-digit numbers by 2 through 10 and to apply these skills to answer practical questions.

Third grade also introduces fractions, including what they represent and how to compare them. Students should recognize equivalent fractions and be able to add and subtract fractions.

Measurement skills from second grade are expanded to include some basic geometry. Third-graders measure with a variety of tools, make accurate estimates, compare shapes and solids, and determine their perimeter and capacity. Finally, in preparation for algebra, third-graders identify patterns and relationships among numbers, and they collect data and then use it to make predictions.

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