What Types of Lessons Are Available at Ventures Arcade?


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Lessons that are available in unit one of Ventures Arcade are personal information, possessive adjectives, the simple present of "be" and "A Student from Russia," as of April 2015. Ventures Arcade offers games and exercises that focus on English grammar and vocabulary.

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Ventures Arcade has five levels, namely B, 1, 2, 3 and 4. It also has a section that prepares students for the U.S. citizenship exam. Each level has 10 units, which can be sorted by unit or activity type. Units include friends and family, around town, daily living, free time, and friends and family. Activity types include choose the right word, drag and drop, fill in the blank, guess the word, and multiple choice.

Ventures Arcade is a supplement for "Ventures," a book series that was created by Cambridge English for learning English as a second language. The books progress from beginner level English to high intermediate level English and include editions for teachers and students. The series also has workbooks and lesson planners. Units are consistent throughout the books, so unit one in each book covers personal information.

Ventures Arcade has dictionary and audio links. The audio link has audio segments related to the "Ventures" series. Audio can be played as a podcast, downloaded or played in a browser.

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