What Types of Information Can You Find in a High School Directory?


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High school directories contain the address, phone number and fax number of the school in question. They also show the principal's name and professional contact information, as well as the grade levels contained in the school and whether the school is public, private or religiously affiliated.

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Personalized high school directories can be found on any school district's website. The information on these sites is geared toward students, parents or families looking to enroll in the school district. For those looking to use information for marketing purposes, websites like American School Directory offer a subscription service that provides access to the directories of the majority of the K-12 schools in the United States.

American School Directory provides additional information not readily available on a school district's directory. Alongside the contact information and school demographics, the directory also includes the school's mascot, colors, type of computer operating system used, the number of computers in the school and the strength of their Internet connection. It also shows the top three items on the school's wish list, which can contain anything from computers to video projection systems and even specialty printers. From a marketing perspective, this information can be used to personalize sales calls and determine whether the product being sold is right for the school in question.

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