What Types of Information Does the 2012 PDR Book Contain?

What Types of Information Does the 2012 PDR Book Contain?

The 2012 “Physician’s Desk Reference” contains information on FDA-approved prescription drugs, including their approved uses and side effects. The guide is updated annually, and the 2012 release is the 66th edition.

The “Physician’s Desk Reference” contains current information on the most commonly used prescription drugs in the United States. The reference guide provides the recommended dosages for each drug and the symptoms and conditions each medication treats. The guide also lists incompatible conditions and symptoms; potential drug, food, and alcohol interactions; and guidance for pregnant patients.

Drugs are indexed in four sections: manufacturer, branded product name, therapeutic category, and common or generic drug name. The book includes a product identification guide with full-color images of both generic and brand-name drugs.

Annual updates provide the latest changes in prescription medicine, including results from the latest clinical studies, updates to prescription labels and changes to FDA-approval statuses.

In addition to the print version for professionals, the publisher offers a reduced-price consumer edition. CD-ROM and online subscription versions are also available. The “Physician’s Desk Reference” is widely used in the medical community, and the data is often programmed directly into provider health record systems. Pharmaceutical companies subsidize a part of the cost of publishing and distributing the annual guide.