What Are Some Types of Group Communication?

Types of group communication include Web conferencing, centralized forums and groupware. Other available types of group communication include bulletin board systems, UseNet and mailing lists.

Web conferencing can be done via text or meetings. Typically, it is used as a group discussion wherein individuals express their opinions in text form and leave them for others to read and comment upon. This method has the advantage of keeping group members' comments evergreen; they are not changed and can be accessed at any time at the other group members' convenience. Chat rooms are also used for this purpose, although the discussion happens in real time and may not be accessible after the fact. Voice and video conferencing are also used, and while they can be replayed to obtain information at a later date, those not there at the time do not have the ability to add anything to the conversation.

Centralized forums are a type of Web conferencing where messages are stored to create an ongoing dialogue. Groupware is a similar process, although it often offers extended features such as scheduling, templates, toolboxes and document sharing.

Bulletin board systems and email mailing lists are not conducive to starting a discussion, but they are effective ways of posting information needed by an array of people. Similarly, UseNet functions as a way to duplicate and relay messages, but private discussions are not an option.