What Types of Games Does Cool Math 4 Kids Offer?


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Cool Math 4 Kids offers games to help children sharpen their arithmetic, geometry and puzzle-solving skills, including Timernator, Math Search and Arithmetic Game. It also teaches children about tessellations, fractals and other mathematical art. There is an affiliated site with more advanced games for pre-algebra and above, located at CoolMath.com.

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The Timernator challenges students to answer arithmetic questions more quickly. Other games, such as Math Search and the Arithmetic Game, require children to fill in missing numbers to complete an equation. Math Man is similar to Pac Man, but the player must eat the monster that solves the math equation.

In the lessons sections, children and their parents may review math concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or fractions, then practice those concepts with a variety of games. The site demonstrates many different techniques for understanding complex arithmetic, including long division, multiplication of big numbers and fractions. The website includes links to printable flashcards to aid children as they memorize of math facts. Many of the games allow students to focus on specific numbers or number ranges, such as addition problems from one to five, or multiplication problems for multiples of eight.

Cool Math 4 Kids offers additional resources and tips for teachers and parents. The games and lessons may be used to supplement regular school curriculum, home schooling or to improve homework performance.

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