What Types of Engineering Degrees Are Available?

What Types of Engineering Degrees Are Available?

The broad field of engineering has many specialized degrees, including marine, environmental, industrial, biomedical, ceramic and civil. The degrees in the field of engineering cover a wide area of subjects, ranging from computers and technology to the environment, animals and infrastructure. Engineers can also earn degrees in the fields of audio, nuclear and mining.

In addition to studying the Earth and its life forms, engineers can earn degrees in aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineers design, construct, analyze and monitor many types of spacecraft, including spacecraft and satellites. They also apply engineering skills to objects that fly through the atmosphere, such as planes, missiles and rockets.

Other engineering degrees, in agriculture and biology, help engineers evaluate the best ways to use resources. These engineers combine the disciplines of science and technology to improve farming yields, protect and allocate natural resources and develop methods of improving irrigation.

Engineers interested in sound and music can earn degrees in audio engineering. This discipline lets engineers create the sounds heard in many types of settings, including television shows, video games and movies.

Another option offering flexibility is chemical engineering. Chemical engineers improve production of products using chemicals, which range from paper and plastic to medicine, fertilizers and even fuel.

Engineers looking to work underground can earn degrees in mining engineering. This discipline includes designing mines and mining equipment. Mining engineers help reduce environmental consequences of mining and oversee mining operations.