What Types of Dosage Calculation Questions Are Typically on a Nursing Test?


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Typical dosage questions on nursing exams include formulas, conversions and calculations, states iStudentNurse, LLC. Nurses measure many medication doses in mass or volume, which requires the ability to make conversions between grams, milligrams and micrograms, for mass; and between liters and milliliters for volume.

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Questions may include IV infusion formulas that are expressed as volume over time and stated as milliliters per hour, or mL/hour, notes iStudentNurse. Although it is standard to round dosage calculations to the nearest tenth, some test questions may specify to the nearest hundredth, as when the drug is administered in micrograms.

A sample medication dosage calculation question may provide parameters that are stated as, "Doctor's Order for Demerol 50 mg IVP q 6 hr prn pain; Available: Demerol 75 mg/ 1.3mL." The nursing candidate must calculate how many milligrams of Demerol to administer, states Nurses Labs.

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