What Types of Degrees Does Old Dominion University Offer?

What Types of Degrees Does Old Dominion University Offer?

As of 2015, Old Dominion University offers 124 bachelor's degree programs, 54 master's degree programs and 42 doctoral degree programs. Additionally the university offers higher education specialist degree programs in three disciplines: higher education, counseling, and occupational and technical studies.

Old Dominion University's undergraduate programs lead to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Areas of studies include art history, civil engineering technology, database administration, health services administration, and political and legal studies. Other majors include theater education, dance education, sport management, tourism management and women's studies.

The master's degree programs involve both Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees. The programs include physical education, ocean and Earth sciences, mechanical engineering, lifespan and digital communications, and history. The university also offers graduate study in English, economics, computer science, clinical psychology and applied sociology.

The university's doctoral degree areas of study include aerospace engineering, computational and applied mathematics, physics, physical therapy, and psychology. Doctoral studies are also available in special education, international studies and higher education.

Founded in 1930 as division of the College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University is located in Norfolk, Virginia. The university features Division 1 NCAA athletic programs, over 300 student organizations, 28 fraternities and sororities, the Gordon Art Galleries, and a theater complex.