What Types of Degrees Does Bellevue College Offer?

What Types of Degrees Does Bellevue College Offer?

Bellevue College offers bachelor's degrees, transfer degrees and associate degrees in the arts and sciences, along with technical degrees, non-transfer degrees and professional degrees. This school also has professional training programs for continuing education. It offers programs at its campus and online.

Bellevue College is a community institution in Bellevue, Washington. It offers various degrees in five major areas of study: Arts and Humanities, the Sciences, Health, Business and Information Technology, Social Science and Education and Wellness.

For bachelor degrees, Bellevue College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Interior Design. Applicants must have an associate's degree or the equivalent in academic training, according to the school's website, before enrolling in this program. The school also offers Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Applied Accounting, Data Analytics, Healthcare Technology and Management, Information Systems and Technology, Radiation and Imaging and Registered Nursing.

Some programs, like those in accounting, teach students the skills they need to have an accounting career upon graduation. Others, like the Healthcare Technology and Management program, are designed for students with a background in either healthcare or IT who wish to advance their careers.

In addition to these degrees, Bellevue College offers joint degrees with several neighboring schools. It offers dual degrees in Business Administration, English, Psychology and Child Development in conjunction with Eastern Washington University. It also partners with the University of Washington and Washington State University to provide degrees through online programs.