What Types of Business Degrees Can You Earn?


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While many different degree programs are offered by business schools around the world, business degrees tend to group around three categories: academic, practical and specialist. Degrees are offered at nearly every level, from associate through master, with some universities offering doctorates in select fields of study.

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Academic business majors focus on theoretical areas of business. Fields such as economics, communications and statistics may have some practical value, but a degree in any of these fields, especially a master's degree, opens an unusually wide variety of employment options in academia, basic research and nonspecific fields of business.

Practical majors tend to develop a specialist understanding of one particular area of business work. Accounting, marketing, public relations and finance fall into this category, as each is concerned primarily with building a student's familiarity in a limited area of expertise that is likely to be used every day in the student's post-graduation career.

Specialist business degree programs require students to cultivate a very technical skill that's in demand among employers. Disciplines such as health care management, hospitality management and human resources may not translate well across borders, but business degrees in these subjects position graduates to find work in particular industries after they graduate.

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