What Types of Animals Are Utilized on PebbleGo?

PebbleGo utilizes different types of animals, including mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and insects. PebbleGo’s animal database also includes invertebrates, dinosaurs, sea organisms and farm animals. The site covers topics on mammals such as bears, giraffes, kangaroos, zebras and koalas. The database also includes information of different types of reptiles such as alligators, geckos, chameleons and Gila monsters.

PebbleGo offers hundreds of articles that teach animal behavior, classification and habitat. An ideal K-3 resource, PebbleGo is easy to navigate and can be accessed with an Internet connection from home or school. This interactive tool provides a fun environment for early learners to explore life science concepts. With the aim of setting a foundation for kids’ research skills, each database features expertly leveled texts along with rich media support.

The PebbleGo database features articles, audio and video clips and educational games. This large database of educational content is specifically crafted for kids in the early part of their school career. PebbleGo offers four different databases: PebbleGo Animals, PebbleGo Biographies, PebbleGo Science and PebbleGo Social Studies. These databases offer reading supports such as read-along audio and text highlighting.

PebbleGo is created by Capstone, a family-owned company providing a wide range of educational resources to promote students’ reading and learning skills.