What Types of Activities Does Study Jams Math Offer?

What Types of Activities Does Study Jams Math Offer?

Study Jams Math offers activities for topics such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, problem solving, probability, and data analysis. The activities range from explanations and practices to games and drills.

Study Jam is a Scholastic program aimed at helping students master target skills. Each lesson includes a step-by-step tutorial for the skills. The math section offers tutorials on topics ranging from basic numerals to geometry and algebra. The activities help students recognize patterns, memorize sets and basically solve math problems.

An example of a Study Jam tutorial comes from the algebra section. Students start with skills that help them master algebraic equations. These include recognizing number patters, creation equations and analyzing ratios. Students can start out by testing themselves to determine which skills need developing. The quizzes are multiple choice.

Each chapter also offers students a chance to put their new skills into use. For example, after explaining how to identify missing information for word problems, the program guides students through the process. The program shows them several word problems that get increasingly harder. Students discover at the end of the tutorial which problems were wrong and how they can successfully solve them in the future.

For some lessons, the tutorial includes fun activities such as singing karaoke to memorize patterns and drills designed to emphasize number tables.