What Type of Words Are Typically on a Spelling List for First-Grade Students?


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A wide variety of words may appear on first-grade spelling lists, ranging from basic three-letter words like "and," "the" and "cat" to more complex words like "people," "snowflake" and "flower." Other words on the basic end of the spectrum that often appear include "than," "map" and "hat." Common challenging words include "ocean," "traffic" and "planet."

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The words included on spelling lists for first graders often relate to the physical world and to objects children are familiar with. Examples of these types of words include "rock," "plant" and "house." Other words that relate to real-world objects include "book," "paper" and "kite." First graders will also likely see common activities as spelling words, such as "dig," "play" and "jump."

Spelling lists are often organized around words that sound alike, to teach children about groups of letters that make the same sounds in different words. For example, a spelling list might include "stack," "black" and "snack." Another similar combination of spelling words is "thin," "spin" and "skin." Teachers may also organize spelling lists around words that relate to the same subject or theme; a list might include "horse," "pig" and "sheep" alongside names of other farm animals. Another theme might be words that relate to the beach, such as "sand," "sun" and "towel."

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