What Type of Trivia Questions Are Ideal for Fifth Graders?


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Math questions such as, "A heptagon is a shape with how many sides?", science questions such as, "How does energy from the sun travel to earth?" and social studies questions such as, "What man-made waterway in New York state was completed in 1825 and connects the Hudson River to the Great Lakes?" are some good trivia questions for fifth graders. These questions and others are found at various websites, including ProProfs.com, ScienceFun.org, BillSmelser.com and FunEnglishGames.com.

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Many fifth grade trivia questions are based on the game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader." These questions typically include facts that a student learns during fifth grade as well as information covered in earlier grade levels. For example, the answer to, "What is the largest animal in the world?" is usually learned in first grade, but it may be included as an easy question on a fifth grade trivia quiz.

Fifth grade trivia often focuses on core academic topics such as math, social studies, science and language, but it may also include questions from related subjects or popular culture. "What man composed a series of violin concertos known as 'The Four Seasons' in the 1720s?" is a good music trivia question for fifth graders. "What is Harry Potter's middle name?" is a good question based on popular literature and entertainment.

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