What Type of Random Words Are on a Second Grade Spelling List?


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Random words that may be on a second-grader's spelling list are "eight," "before," "child," "sound" and "place." To help a child learn to spell words at a second-grade level, group them in a family, such as "light," "night" and "right."

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At their developmental stage, second graders should only be taught a few words at a time. Children in second grade should be encouraged to learn to spell words associated with their daily life whenever possible, such as dinner vegetables, relatives toys and bedtime stories. Second graders should also learn the differences in sound and spelling, as seen in word families such as "read," "bed" and "fed."

Other examples of words on a second grader's spelling list are words with double letters, including "butter," "letter" and "summer," as well as words that spell out numbers, such as "seven," "eleven" and "eight." Contractions are included on a second grade spelling list, including "don't," "can't" and "wouldn't." Sight words, words that a second grader should be able to read instantly and spell easily, include "best," "sing," "green," "always" and "because."

Online learning games, flashcards and paper brain puzzles help second graders practice their spelling. To begin preparing for third grade spelling lists, some second graders begin working on compound words, such as "anything" and "boardwalk."

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