What Type of Questions Would Be on a Comprehensive 5th Grade Mathematics Test?


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The types of questions on a comprehensive fifth grade math test require the student to write and interpret numerical expressions, evidence understanding of the place value system and complete problems involving multi-digit whole numbers and those with decimals to the hundredths. Comprehensive fifth grade math tests also typically include questions that involve adding and subtracting fractions, working with measurements, interpreting data presented on a graph and using multiplication and addition to determine volume.

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Asking a student how to use a multiplication problem to find the quotient in a division problem or to select the correct answer to a word problem in the form of an algebraic equation are typical on comprehensive fifth grade math tests. Place value questions require rounding a number like 15.472 to the nearest tenth or identifying the correct comparison statement of two numbers, such as 6.808 = 6.880, 6.808 < 6.008 or 6.808 > 6.008. Determining how many 6-inch pieces of ribbon can be cut from 2 yards of ribbon is a typical measurement question for fifth grade math. A typical volume question for fifth graders includes a three-dimensional drawing of a box with length, width and height identified. The related question asks the student to apply the formulas for rectangle prisms V = (l ) (w) (h) and V = (b) (h) to select the correct volume of the box.

Abstract and qualitative reasoning and the strategic use of mathematical tools to solve problems are among Common Core expectations for fifth grade math students.

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