What Type of Questions Are Usually on Geography Tests?

What Type of Questions Are Usually on Geography Tests?

Geography tests usually include questions about maps, geographical terms, populations of different species, natural resources, topography and geopolitics, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Geography test questions often use maps, charts and diagrams. Questions ask for multiple choice, either-or and full sentence answers.

One sample question from National Geographic asks, "Which state has a climate suitable for growing citrus fruits—California or Maine?" An understanding of climate and its effect on geography produces the correct answer, which is California.

Another example question asks, "What is the term for a part of an ocean or sea that cuts far into the bordering landmass and may contain one or more bays?" The word used to describe this geographical feature is "gulf."

The National Assessment of Educational Progress provides questions appropriate for grade 4 and grade 12. A sample question for grade 4 shows an aerial photograph of a farm and asks the student to select the form of economic activity pictured from the choices "forestry," "ranching," "farming" and "manufacturing."

An example question for grade 12 asks, "Worldwide, the greatest number of people who emigrate from one country to another today do so for what reason?" Students select from answers that include "seeking religious freedom," "economic opportunity" and "better climate." The correct answer is "economic opportunity."