What Type of Questions Are on the Minecraft Quiz?


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The Minecraft Quiz consists of several question types including multiple choice, fill in the blank, sorting and matching. All questions are based on a general knowledge of Minecraft.

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What Type of Questions Are on the Minecraft Quiz?
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A multiple choice question may ask, "How many eggs do you need to craft a cake?" and provide several possible answers. A fill-in-the-blank question might present an image of a crafting table full of items, then ask, "What is this a recipe of?" A sorting question may ask the user to rank swords from least to most damaging, and provide a list of swords made of different materials that the user can move accordingly. Matching tasks the user to match qualities with characters or items in the game. For example, the user might have to match the verb "explode" with the enemy "Creeper."

Once the quiz is complete, the user receives a personal score and can compare it to the scores of friends and other quiz takers.

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